*Community Policy – Open fires, discharging of fire arms, smoking outdoors and fireworks of any kind are NOT permitted in The Colony.*

Find a link to the newest community map below. Hard copies of the map are also available at the Gatehouse. Especially in the case of a wildfire, exiting the community should always be the priority. The fire map identifies "safe zones" around the community. A "safe zone" is not an exit, it is an area to meet until assistance arrives and is used only when exit roads are not an option.

For more information on emergency preparedness, including supply kits, family planning, safety checklists and other useful information, please visit


In June of 2018 the Board of Trustees established a new Fire Mitigation Program in order to reduce the risk of wildfire in The Colony as well as to maintain a healthy forest. To successfully pursue this aggressive risk reduction program, there must be cooperative efforts taken by The Colony HOA and all homestead owners.

The HOA has begun communicating Fire Mitigation Evaluations (FME's) with individual homestead owners. While the FME's will be helpful in identifying key areas, generally, all dead standing and fallen should be cleaned-up each season to maintain a healthy forest and promote fire safety. We encourage everyone to continue tree removal efforts beyond their FME’s to the rest of their lot. To help with this, the Colony HOA provides all homesteads two complimentary hours of organic material chipping.


The HOA encourages homeowners to sign up for Summit County's reverse 9-1-1 system to receive the latest emergency updates from them. Click Here for information and to sign up for the system.

Colony Fire Safety Links:


To Report a Fire Please Call 911

To report the illegal use of fireworks or open fires please call:
Summit County Sheriff/Fire Dept. Dispatch at 435-615-3600

North Summit Fire District

Park City Fire District

Park City Municipal

Summit County

Summit County Health Department

Utah DNR, Division of Forestry

Utah Forest Newsletter

For more information on living with the threat of wildfire please visit